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Romantic Apartment in Rome Renovated by Filippo Bombace

Freshness and luminous playfulness characterize the ambiance of this romantic apartment in Rome, Italy. Played on the duality of white and pastels (either blue or pink), the color composition gives an accent that determinates the focal centers of its configuration. Arches and artistic, modern furniture elements straighten the feel of stylish chick and creative identity through the decor.

The designer Filippo Bombace worked in close collaboration with the young owners of the apartment to create this welcoming and stylish ambiance. Using color to underline the rims of the space and to accentuate not only furniture compositions but also architectural features, the designer gave a frame to the modern decor arrangement.

Trendy plush and velvet furniture details give a chic stylistics touch to the overall freshness of the composition. The sparkle of the fashionable brass and copper lamps and details further accentuates the noble decor idea. We love the way the color accents and combinations create picturesque frames of different angles – the red cooper lamp suspended above the violet velvet loveseat all arranged in the frame of a luminous white and untypical pink ceiling.

Or the stylish and trendy TV wall composition – using the architectural arch the designer created minimalist yet very stylish and fresh angle – pastel blue accent matched with an urban hint coming from the metallic bookshelves and retro-organic insertion introduced by the airy of small wooden coffee tables – playful, with a touch of art.

The same stylish combinations and picturesque decor compositions can be discovered throughout the apartment – in the master bedroom where the play between the pink accents and the violet velvet armchair together the satin sheets give a sensual invite for relaxation. In the kitchen and dining corner where art and urban minimalism entwine in one light and functional ambiance. Even in the simplistic yet stylish bathroom’s decor – metro tiles, brass details, and playful colors in addition to a trendy glass separation from the bedroom. A perfect urban refuge that offers a soft and stylish welcoming vibe and youthful sanctuary form the noise and chaos of the big capital.

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